About Strive

Strive is an early-stage social enterprise working to build financial resiliency and equal opportunity for individuals while pushing for change in our economic system. Strive uses goal oriented capacity building and peer groups to build an ecosystem that strengthens capability, provides support and encourages individuals to advance towards their personal goals.  

Strive has been built with the following theory of change in mind:

1. Our current level of inequality is the result of the ecosystem that has emerged from the institutions, organizations, policies and programs we have collectively created

2. Meaningful progress on inequality will require a fundamental shift to the entire ecosystem including those institutions, organizations, policies and programs

3. A fundamental shift to our ecosystem can be accelerated by people advancing their individual interests, collectively pushing against the existing ecosystem and creating accountability for meaningful and effective change

 Strive has been designed with the belief that there is a better way, that we can learn from each other and that we can work together to create an economic and socially thriving society.  It emerged out of the Alt/Now: Economic Inequality program at The Banff Centre

Strive has been created by Monica Da Ponte. Monica is not a financial planner.  Monica leads Shift & Build, a boutique consultancy focused on helping to advance positive social change. She is based in Toronto.