Strive Workshops

Strive believes that as individuals, we will have the greatest financial success when we:

  1. Set meaningful goals

  2. Understand the possible paths to our goals

  3. Build an ability to problem solve our way through life's financial challenges

  4. Have a community that encourages us to move forward

  5. Are part of an system that provides opportunities for, and rewards behaviors towards advancement

Strive facilitates peer to peer workshops which enable participants to learn from each other's successes, experiences and challenges.  Strive builds financial capacity with participants by providing a supportive community for the journey as well as incentives and rewards for your progress. 

Strive Workshop Feedback

The Strive financial resiliency group was a resounding success. The group fostered inclusion and built capacity for peer to peer leadership and engagement. Monica increased participant’s confidence and understanding of their finances and offered creative problem solving and solutions for budgeting and challenging systems.

–Danielle Nakouz, Manager of Elm Centre, YWCA Toronto

Interested In a workshop?

Are you an organization looking to increase the financial resiliency of your members or clients? 

Strive would be happy to help.  We will work with you to understand your specific goals and any existing efforts.  We then create tailored workshops to build financial capacity and agency.  We analyze the impact of our work, identifying financial challenges facing participants, existing strategies in use and recommend opportunities for ongoing capacity building. 


Are you an individual struggling to figure out how to get to your goals? 

We are currently curating groups for the following workshops: Individuals working to increase their income, new families, students entering the workforce, as well as single parentsPlease let us know if you are interested in a particular topic.

Pricing for a 4-week workshop series is $150 per person.

*Strive is committed to ensuring that cost is not a barrier to advancement.  If you want to organize or participate in a workshop and struggle with the cost, let us know what you can afford as well as your skills and interests.  We will work to figure out a mutually beneficial arrangement. 

Past Workshops


10-week workshop series November 2016 - January 2017